Welcome to my website,  you've made the first step on your counselling journey.

Counselling offers a non judgemental, confidential and safe space to think and talk about anything which you may feel confusing, overwhelming or painful.  It is a therapeutic relationship which encourages you to explore your feelings, together with someone who is empathic, impartial and trained to listen.

I will not judge, criticise or tell you what to do but I will help you to explore your feelings, thoughts and personal experiences to help you move forward.

It is not always easy to talk about what may be happening for you, or to express or even get in touch with your feelings, the therapeutic space will help you work through these difficult times by getting in touch with your own inner resources and strength, enabling you to manage life more effectively and facilitate your own personal change, growth and healing. 

About Me


I am a fully qualified counsellor working one to one with adults based in Burton on Trent.

I am a registered member of The British Association for counselling and psychotherapy (BACP), I am bound by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, ensuring the work is safe and confidential.

I love the work I do and have valuable experience working in many areas such as depression, self harm, substance misuse, I have extensive experience in trauma and sexual abuse.

I undertake regular workshops and training in order to ensure that my practice is kept up to date, I also attend regular supervision to support the work I do maintaining competent practice.


Non refundable payment by cash or bank transfer to be paid in advance for the first session, then at the start of each session booked thereafter

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